Import and Export Trade Agency Service

Both DONGGUAN JUYUAN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. has import and export license, and has built up a professional team with rich experience in import and export business. Juyuan company can provide customers with the following import and export trade agency services.

Act as agent to sign foreign contract.

Help to settling or receiving foreign payment.

Dealing with the whole supply chain logistics, including import and export transportation, import and export customs clearance, Insurance, Certificate of origin, etc..


Juyuan company is skillful at trade agency service for importing the following cargoes to China.

A、Wines, such as Red wine, Brandy, Whisky, etc.

B、Fruits, such as Durian, coconut, banana, etc.

C、Drinking: Juice, Milk, Coffee, Purified water, etc.

D、Seasoning: Soy sauce, Olive oil, Colza oil, etc.

E、Other general cargoes: such as plastic materials, paper, machine, etc.

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