Dongguan Bonded Logistics

Dongguan Humen Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone locates in Shatian town, Dongguan city. It is only one kilometer away from the main harbor district of Dongguan port. Dongguan Humen Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone is upgraded from Dongguan Bonded Logistics Center (type B), which was approved to be established in December 2008, and stated to operate in May 2010.


Dongguan Bonded Logistics Center (type B) is one of the first 17 bonded logistics centers to be approved by China. And in October 2018, the State council of China approved Dongguan to establish a Comprehensive Bonded Zone. And In May 1, 2020, the Comprehensive Bonded Zone starts to operate.


Juyuan company has rented 2000 square meter’s warehouse in Dongguan Humen Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and provide the customers the services of warehousing, delivery, international cargo transfer, delivery, purchase, processing and manufacturing, etc.


Juyuan company also sets up an customs broker in the Bonded logistics building, which is in charge of the import and export customs clearance in the comprehensive bonded zone.


Bonded Logistics Center (type B)

It’s a bonded customs surveillance area built according to the joint examination and approval of the General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Finance, General Tax Bureau, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, etc. It’s managed by one enterprise in China, and other enterprises can enter into this area to work on the bonded logistics business.


Comprehensive Bonded Zone

It’s a special bonded customs surveillance area set up in mainland China. It has the function of bonded port area, and is administered by customs according relative rules, and executes the tax and foreign exchange policy of bonded port area. It has all-in-one functions of the bonded area, export processing zones, bonded logistics park, and ports. The business of international cargo transfer, delivery, purchasing, transit trade, processing and manufacturing, product exhibition, inspection and repair, bonded research and development, cross-border electronic commerce, etc., can be worked on the comprehensive bonded zone.

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