Global Import and Export Sea Freight Service

DONGGUAN JUYUAN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. starts to operate the global import and export container sea transportation since it’s founded. Base on Dongguan port, expanding to Guangzhou port and Shenzhen port, Juyuan company provides the vast customers with the services of import and export container sea transportation between South China and all other countries in the world.


With the third and fourth container handling capacity all over the world, Guangzhou port and Shenzhen port have numerous import and export shipping routes to almost all the ports in the world, and most of these shipping routes are direct routes.


Dongguan port’s original name is Humen port. The main container harbor district is in Shatian town, where many container terminals locate, including PSA container terminal (also name No. 5 and 6 wharf), No. 7 and 8 Wharf, Dongguan international Wharf, etc.. The direct export shipping route from Dongguan port include Taiwan shipping route and Vietnam shipping route. And after transit by Hong Kong, Nansha, Shenzhen, Most of the containers shipped from Dongguan port also can reach most of the ports in the world.


Direct shipping routes from Dongguan port:

1) Dongguan port to Taiwan: two direct shipping routes every week.

A. CY close on every Tuesday, Ship depart on every Wednesday. ETA Keelung, Taiwan on Sunday (T/T: 4days), and ETA Taichung, Taiwan and Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Monday (T/T: 5days).

A. CY close on every Wednesday. Ship depart on every Thursday. ETA Keelung, Taiwan on Sunday (T/T: 3days) , and ETA Taichung, Taiwan on Monday (T/T: 4days), , and ETA Kaohsiung, Taiwan on Tuesday (T/T: 5days).

2) Dongguan port to Haiphong, Vietnam: one shipping route one week

CY close on every Thursday. Ship depart on every Friday. ETA Haiphong, Vietnam on Sunday (T/T: 2days)

2) Dongguan port to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: one shipping route one week

CY close on every Wednesday. Ship depart on every Friday. ETA Vietnam, Vietnam on next Tuesday (T/T: 5days)


After more than ten years’ careful operation, Juyuan company has built up reliable good relationship with many shipping lines, including COSCO、WHL、CMA、YML、MSK、OOCL、EMC、FPMC、CUL etc..


The main export shipping routes Juyuan company operates include Taiwan and south-east Asia shipping routes (Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Port Klang, Penang, Jakarta, etc.). The main import shipping routes include the routes from Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Argentina etc. to Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

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