Cold-train Barge Services between Dongguan and Hong Kong

Due to historical and port natural factors, now there are only several direct shipping routes from Dongguan port to Taiwan and Vietnam. For containers to be exported to or imported from other foreign countries, most of them need to be transited through Hong Kong by barge. And Many cargoes transported between Dongguan and Hong Kong are by barge transportation too. But as a situation, almost all the barges operated between Dongguan and Hong Kong have only few freeze plugs, which is unable to fulfill customer’s requirement of many reefer containers to be transshipped in one bill of lading. So a cold-chain barge is born at the right moment.


On May 8, 2020, a cold-train barge named Rongjing 02 started her first voyage from Dongguan to Hongkong. Now she has shipped for customers many cargoes, include the cargoes need to be freezed, such as durian, coconut, banana, meat, etc., and also other common cargoes, such as plastic material, masks, drinkings, toothpaste, cleaning powder, machine, etc..


Parameter of barge RongJing 02

Ship Name: Rongjing 02

Length of overall: 49.98 meters

Registered breadth:10.8 meters

Gross tonnage: 825 tons

Deadweight:912 tons

Container capacity:54 TEU

Reefer plugs: 27


Wharfs called:

Dongguan port: Dongguan international Wharf, No. 5 and 6 wharf

Hong Kong: Chinasails pier


Shipping schedule:

Depart Dongguan on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Depart Hongkong on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

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